Monday, January 13, 2014

Sister Sumitra served Dana of Healthy Vietnamese Rice Paper rolls she learnt from Christine Choy's class,F & B Club, Ti-Ratana Penchala

Cooking Class at Ti Ratana Penchala Center.
I came to know about TRPC cooking class in mid of 2013. I attended my 1st cooking class on 20th July and it was a last minute sign up as it so happen that my appointment on that day was cancel.  I have no idea about what I’m going to learn on that day.

On that day, the organizer had prepare for us to learn 5 recipes.
  • 1.     Pandan Chiffon Cake
  • 2.     How to make enzyme as fertilizer / cleaner
  • 3.     How to make pineapple enzyme as a health drink
  • 4.     Apptizing coral seaweed kerabu
  • 5.     Healthy Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

We had some hands on how to make some of these dishes. The pandan chiffon cake is so… so… so… delicious but unfortunately I’m not up to it. How I wish I can make one and hopefully one day I can.
The easiest for me is the Healthy Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls. The teacher, sis Christine Choy  who so kindly brought some extra  packet for us to buy back home. I brought one packet and then keep for 2 months before I finally use it.
Maybe for others it is a very simple recipe to make but for me it is can be daunting, nevertheless  I’M HAPPY  to be able to learn how to make this healthy dish.
On 16/9/2013 a group of my friends went to Nilai to offer dana to Bhante Sakkaro. Before that , I was thinking of what to make for dana. Then a thought came and said why not make this healthy Vietnamese rice paper rolls.  I buy all the necessary ingredients and bring everything to Nilai and make it there.   I was a bit nervous as I only tried a couple of times during the cooking class. With much blessings, I manage to do it and even had 2 good assistants to help me  while I took pictures of it.
After serving Bhante, the lay people finished the rice paper rolls immediately!. No left overs which I presumed they love it. It was a very good merit performed as I’m happy in the beginning, during the dana and after the dana.
I shared this recipe with my friend whereby she is making this for her potluck gathering and also sharing it with her friends.

The organizer and all the cooking members are so helpful and friendly. I really love to attend this class. Threefore I attended the 2nd class on 9/11/2013 learning how to make hakka dish. It is a bit advance for me but I may  make the dessert “snow fungus, lotus seed and lily bulb tong shui this coming CNY.

Testimony by Sister Sumitra Siew

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